WoW Teambuilder / List Builder

And now, an update! *gasp*

I just finished putting the final little touches on an idea I’ve been kicking around for years. It’s just a little ap to visually build lists (or teams, etc). It’s got no database, no login/username requirements, and a very simple way to save the state of your workspace to come back to later.

The basic idea is that you can add things to the ‘table’ and then move them around as if they were scraps of paper. So if you’re in a WoW guild with 30+ active raiders and need a way to build 10man Ulduar teams, this is here to help you out.

Check it out, I’m pretty happy with it: Kythin’s WoW Teambuilder and Generic List Builder

And ofcourse if you like it enough to want to support my random programming project habbit, you can always buy me a beer!

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