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Hey hey, I’m still here, just busy as usual. I’ve got another quick little Google gadget that I wrote to keep track of links that I want to check out but don’t have time when I find them to give them any justice. Since I always have a Gmail window open regardless of being home or at work I wanted something that was persistent across both, and in my face enough for me to remember to click on them.

True to style, I didn’t look for one that already existed, where’s the fun in that? I wrote one myself that works for me!

Essentially, Quickmark is a very cut down version of a task list that builds a list of whatever you’ve typed in the textbox below. It can be just little text strings, or if it starts with “http” it will treat it as a link when it displays in the list. To remove an item, click the “X” on the left of it.

As with most Google gadgets, it will save persistent data to your Google profile so it’s private but safe and will persist across computers. The only thing with this one though is that it uses TWO SEPARATE LISTS if you install it on both iGoogle and Gmail – one set of data for each domain. I call it a feature, because iGoogle will allow much bigger lists anyway and you don’t want them being squished into the gmail sidebar.

To add it to iGoogle and try it out, click this thing:
Add to iGoogle

If you want it to show up on the Gmail sidebar you’ll need to enable the “Gadgets from URL” Labs feature, then add this URL as a gadget:

(Updated 5/5/2011 with Google Code versions of the XML files)



– K

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