Review: OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA)

Last week I excitedly posted about finding the OCZ ‘nia’ while browsing through PC Case Gear, and now that I’ve had a bit of a go with it I figure it’s time to post some more information about the thing.

Firstly, it’s worth it if you’re a gadget enthusiast. Regardless of any of the shortfalls I’m about to comment on, it is new technology and it is probably the best 1st-to-market consumer level devices I’ve had the chance to play with. It’s fun to mess around with but I wouldn’t buy it if you think it’s going to improve your response times in a competitive environment – it’s highly responsive, but it’s so easy to flinch or breath differently or something which then makes your character do something you don’t want it to. False positives, etc, gotta love them. Continue reading