Wordspinner Updated

I spent a bit of time yesterday rolling out a new version of Wordspinner for WordPress. Nothing much really, but now it comes with a widget that you can use to add spinnable text to sidebars without having to make a change to the wordpress text widget manually.

Grab it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordspinner/

2 thoughts on “Wordspinner Updated

  1. Hi,
    i love the plugin. i would like to request a feature in your future updates: Spinning titles
    I mean so that a user can put [title1, title2, title3] and see a unique title each time the post loads.
    Many thanks

    • @erat: That would mess up a lot of things for most people, such as the seo friendly URL’s wordpress generates and any plugin that uses the page title to build a link to an article. It’s also a bit of a hindrance for SEO, as titles often are inside H1/2/3 etc and changing them could significantly affect your page rank.

      Nice plan, but it’s a big complicated and outside the scope 🙂

      If you do want to do it, you can use the same code I suggested to weareunderscore and put something like this in your template: echo run_spinner(get_post_title());
      (not sure if that’s the right WP call, check the WP api or find something that outputs the title in your template code and then wrap run_spinner() around it)

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