Minor update to Wordspinner, now works with YOAST seo plugin titles

Yay! YOAST is pretty good, I like how it shows google previews of your pages.



8 thoughts on “Minor update to Wordspinner, now works with YOAST seo plugin titles

  1. Hi Kythin,

    Thanks for your excellent Plugin! I have an issue with getting the spintax to work when I for example want spinned words inside a Text Widget on front page widget area. How can I edit the plugin to support spintax in all text input areas on my blog?

    • Hi Tommy
      To get spintax to work in a text widget you have to use a Wordspinner text widget instead of the regular wordpress one. I did it that way because running the spinner code can be quite performance intensive so it should only be run over things you explicitly want it to run on.

    • It just spins the existing content. My motto is “Never change the DB” basically, so that every spin is live and dynamic (or using sessions to maintain consistency across pages).

  2. hi kythin, i am using your wordspinner plugin with good efforts! great plugin!
    i have one question though about permalinks:

    if i make the title of the post: {spin1, spin2, spin3} this title {test1,test2} it is spun when i acess the blog, but the permalink of the post is:


    meaning, the permalink takes all the words from the spin syntax….
    do you have a solution for that perhaps? would be great!!!!!
    many thanks, peter

    • The best thing I can suggest is that when you save the post, click on the permalink bit and change it manually. You probably shouldn’t rely on the spinners to generate that anyway, it’s much better if you make it what you want specifically.

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