Gmail Sidebar Notes Widget

Dear fellow Gmail users,

I’ve written a handly little sidebar widget because out of all the task management systems I use frequently, nothing really beats emailing myself in terms of making sure I’ll read something again when I move from work to home or vice versa.
Until now, that is.

Enter Kythin’s handy dandy simple note gadget for Gmail or  your iGoogle homepage! It will let you type short messages into a textbox and hit save, and then the message will be displayed wherever you log into gmail next! It also has super advanced proprietary TextColorChange(tm) technology. Green means saved, Red means click “Save”!

Installation is a snap with the Kythin 1,2,3 install system. Just;

1. Enable “Add any gadget by URL” in Gmail Labs if you haven’t already (in gmail, click Settings and go to the Labs tab to enable it).

2. Go to Settings -> Gadgets, and enter this URL into the box:

3. Click Add and then go back to your inbox. Done! You should see an extra box in the left column that you can now type in!

And don’t worry about security, nothing actually gets sent to my server, it’s all stored by google according to your gmail account – nobody but you can access your text.

If you have any ideas for Google Gadgets, let me know!
Sincerley yours,


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