First impressions of a Death Knight

As most of you would know, or at least know of, Blizzard have just recently released a new expansion for their massively popular MMO World of Warcraft. The new expansion introduces a lot of things like more content, more quests, but the thing that I was most looking forward to is the new hero class the Death Knight.

When making a Death Knight you start out as level 55 and already have fairly decent armour, and Blizz really put you in the mindset that you’re playing a hero that’s just been converted to one of the undead scourge… a question I’ve never really asked but after finishing the amateur hour I can say it’s the best intro to a class so far.

Each quest you complete gives you talent points, so you can very quickly progress up your chosen path. I chose ‘Blood’ to start with, mainly because it reminded me a bit of a fury warrior which I’ve got some experience with already. I’m eager to try the other trees later on though when I figure out what exactly the different types of runes do and how different the trees will be by level 70 or 80.

So far the Blood tree is a high-dps, self healing warrior… basically. DK’s can dual wield but they can’t hold a shield, so as much outcry as there is against their healing abilities I can see how the healing is necessary for tanking in particular. Basically they’re dual wielding or 2h offtanks.

An interesting parallel with warriors is also the link I’m seeing between a warrior’s sunders and the death knight’s poisons and disease stacks. The more diseases a death knight applies, the more potent their instant attacks are on that target. They also have an ability to clone diseases from their main target onto all targets in a radius, which then makes all these targets more susceptible to attacks. I can see that in PvP at least, a well trained pair of death knights would be a very lethal force to reckon with, able to stack and re-apply diseases on all targets very quickly.

The back story for the death knights is quite good as well, and as a big fan of the Warcraft universe’s other literature this was also a big draw-card for me. I had canceled my subscription about 4 months prior to Wrath coming out, and though I can’t ever see myself staying past getting a character or two to 80, it will be a fun little adventure for me in my spare time.

I’ll post more about Wrath later, but for now that will do. If you have any questions hit me up in the forums.

Happy grinding!

– Kythin
(Horde on Caelstraz btw)

Submitted By: kythin