Another emerging genre! Sneak 'n' Stab

Earlier this week I wrote about Hack n Slash games and why I think they should be a genre. Recent games like Dynasty Warriors (what are they up to now, about 10? 20?), Diablo 2 and 99 Nights all fit easily into this ‘genre’.

Another one I think should get a bit of scholarly attention at the moment is the recent trend to make “Sneak’n’Stab” games. Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed, Chronicals of Riddik, the Tenchu series, pretty much any Ninja or Black Ops themed game (even Crysis to some extent) – These would fit into their own genre perfectly.

I do realise that we could keep making up genre names for everything but I also think that these sneak-n-stab games are emerging more and more in recent years. Maybe it’s a cultural shift, that people don’t see as much of a problem going behind someones back about something anymore i.e. in the workplace. It definately has something to do with less emphasis on honor in western society as most of these games are coming out of American dev houses – I can’t recall any Japanese games with as much stealth and loose morals.

It could just be something different to add to FPS games too, maybe people just want a change from the regular run run run shoot run shoot die respawn kind of missions. Although there are entire games crafted around stealth and hiding bodies from guards now. I mean just look at any of the Hitman games.

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