MySQL timestamp syntax quick reference

Quick code post with a really useful little function, all it does it return a MySQL timestamp value of ‘now’. It’s useful if you haven’t already committed the format to memory, which sadly I have already… but still, it’s good to have in a common function library.

function mysqlnow() {
    return date("Y-m-d H:i:s");


Use Dropbox for your Shopping List on your phone

1. Save a regular old text file (.txt) into your public folder in dropbox, call it Shoppinglist.txt or something like that you will remember. Then right click it and go to Dropbox -> get Public Link (if you don’t have the right click menu, you can also get this via logging into the dropbox site).

2. Email yourself the link and open it on your phone.

3. Save it as a bookmark!

Now, changing or adding to your shopping list is as easy as typing a few lines into a text file, and it’ll magically be updated the next time you’re at the shops. For bonus points, put it inside a shared folder with your housemates or partner also having write access, and they can tell you what to buy!

This has been a public service announcement thanks to – the most awesome ‘it just works’ application ever.

Make shortlists of your Github Issues with GitSprint

Built this last weekend as a side project to help with one of my bigger projects, it will allow you to log in with GitHub and build yourself a nice little shortlist (“Sprint” in AGILE/SCRUM terms) of tasks. It’s basically a TODO list you can quickly build based on your GitHub Issues.

Core functionality is there but I will be adding a few little bits and pieces to make it prettier and more functional.