I want!

Inspired by the wonderfully articulate Chick Norris, I’ve decided to make my own list of things I want to do… eventually.

There’s a lot of things that are pie-in-the-sky (what does that even mean?) goals that will probably never happen, but since this is my piece of the internet I’ll do what I want with my list. So there.

  1. Go back into running my own business fulltime, when I can afford to hire someone to handle invoicing
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Write a book, probably some kind of fantasy novel
  4. Write a book, probably some kind of programming and/or software project management guide
  5. Write a book, probably some kind of internet marketing / tips to get an online business going guide
  6. Write & Direct a feature film, probably out of my own pocket
  7. Write & Direct an online webisode show of some kind
  8. Get more piercings!
  9. Get off my butt and get back into Kung-Fu one of these days!
  10. Live in the US for a bit, probably San Francisco or somewhere like that.
  11. Live in Melbourne for a bit
  12. Live in the UK for a bit – probably London, not sure.
  13. Live in Perth for a bit
  14. See Tokyo, and maybe live there for a bit working remotely somewhere else. Not keen on teaching english, heard some horror stories!
  15. Get a tattoo – at least 1, but probably many more!
  16. Get a gun license and take up sports shooting (probably pistols first, and possibly clay pigeons later)
  17. Join an archery club and make it a regular thing
  18. Start building a stock portfolio, and learning more about the stock market
  19. Put a deposit on a house or apartment somewhere
  20. Get laser eye surgery!
  21. Get a bike license
  22. Ride a bike around Scotland (car trip sounds boring?)
  23. Have some money to start building and releasing some of the many ideas I’ve got
  24. Have enough money from marketing/selling/whatever my ideas to be able to give other people a financial start to their own ideas
  25. Write / design a video game
  26. Live in a geek share house (can’t believe I haven’t done this yet!)
  27. Design my own house
  28. Design a Hotel
  29. Get back into Photography
  30. Make a site to show off my leet Photography skills
  31. Put some of my favourite shots up for sale
  32. ……

There will be more to come, no-doubt!

Also, interestingly enough, nowhere in that list is “become the best at GAME”. Hmm. Oh and I’m not much of a tourist, Scotland and Japan are the only places I want to go to look at. The other places I want to experience more as a local, i.e. live there and work there day to day for a while.

I wonder how many will still be on my list in 5 years, or even 1 year?

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