#PAXAus – Still on high (“Still Alive” customisation)

Got creative about #PAXAus, to the tune of ‘Still Alive’ (the Portal song) by Jonathan Coulton.

PAX Aus is over.
I’m writing my blog here, pressed for time.
You see I should be working, but I’d rather…
Go back to Melbourne,
and sit in a bean bag, playing games.
Everyone was so friendly,
and all the cosplays were great.

I really liked the panels, and the fun things to do,
and the strip where Gabe had to put shit in his shoe.
Spent most time in line,
but the result was sublime,
PAX is over and I’m still on high.

I’ve picked up the PAX Pox!
I should have known not, to shake, the hands.
I read the thing about it
in the program.
I missed some QR codes.
But got all the pins, at least, for Aus.
Eventually I’ll plan a trip, to PAX Prime for the whole set!

League of Legends had a really big follow-ing.
They were throwing stuff,
I didn’t catch anything.
Indie games, Laser tag,
World of Tanks and Band Land,
PAX is over and I’m still on high.

PVP Jenga.
I’ve never been so, enthralled, by bricks.
Except maybe with Minecraft, but that’s different.
Edge Master fought hard.
Desparis made dick moves,
and prevailed,
While Mike and Jerry narrated,
about these block-o-mancers.

All the shirts were gone,
and there were just some scarves left.
With some chirros in hand we caught a tram, quite bereft.
I’ll be back next time,
Maybe head to a PAX Prime,
PAX is over and I’m, still on high.
And for weeks I will still, be on high.
PAX is over and I’m, still on high.
We queued in lines and I am, still on high.
I’ve got the PAX Pox and I’m, still on high.
I’m back at work and I am, still on high.
Still on high,
Still on high!

(Based on the original song “Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton, you should buy his CD)

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