Wordspinner Updated

I spent a bit of time yesterday rolling out a new version of Wordspinner for WordPress. Nothing much really, but now it comes with a widget that you can use to add spinnable text to sidebars without having to make a change to the wordpress text widget manually.

Grab it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordspinner/

Wordspinner – Free Word Spinner Plugin for WordPress

I got a couple of emails about my last article about the free spinner code, and have made a rather spiffy plugin for WordPress that will do the same thing on any posts or pages on the site.

You can grab it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordspinner/

[[There’s, There is]] an example of what [[it, WordSpinner, Word Spinner]] does in this [[very,]] page. Hit refresh on your browser and see if you can [[tell,pick it]]!

See the included readme file for changelog and useage (it’s easy as pie).

UPDATE: 24th June 2010: BUG & PERFORMANCE FIX. Also, please now post questions at http://www.kythin.com/wordspinner2/

UPDATE 21st June 2010: Multiple Spinner support finally released!

UPDATE 26th Aug 2009: Just upgraded it to be compatible with 2.8.6

Free php spinner!

A while ago a friend of mine, an SEO guy, told me about the concept of ‘spinning’ content. Basically the idea is to get many articles out of one article, by adding replacement words or phrases to the one article you write. Then, every time you refresh the page, the same – but different – article is displayed. It’s mostly a way to confuse search engines into thinking you have more content than you do, but sometimes it’s useful; E.g. if you have a summary of an article which is ripped straight from the main article, you might get a duplicate content penalty from Google every time it looks at your site.

It’s always struck me as odd than nobody seems to have written anything (freely available anyway. $97? Bugger that!) for such a simple task, so I thought what the heck, I’ve got an hour or two, why don’t I write it myself? So I did, and here it is; Continue reading