First impressions of a Death Knight

As most of you would know, or at least know of, Blizzard have just recently released a new expansion for their massively popular MMO World of Warcraft. The new expansion introduces a lot of things like more content, more quests, but the thing that I was most looking forward to is the new hero class the Death Knight. Continue reading

Chronicles of Riddik – Escape from Butcher Bay

I recently finished the Chronicles of Riddik, Escape from Butcher Bay. I picked it up cheap at a Blockbuster near my house after hearing Penny go on about it being the best movie-game crossover she’d played. I do agree it’s good in terms of movie-game crossovers, but it doesn’t do what it sets out to do very well. Continue reading

R18+ Debate gets shelved. *sigh*

I’ve been following the R18+ for Games in Australia with more passion than usual lately, it could be the gaming subjects I’m studying at uni that are giving me more interest but I still can’t see any reason not to have the rating here. It just makes sense to me; if the anti-R18+ camp’s main arguments include anything to do with protecting children from very mature content, then how can they possibly oppose it?

The difference, in my view anyway, is that if we do have the R18+ it would be tightly controlled (because there’s such a debate, it would have to be monitored at least as closely as alcohol & r18+ movie rental laws). If we had the R18+ two things would happen; Nothing would get banned outright, but then it would be easier to put some of the currently MA15+ titles into the R18 category, thus restricting MORE games from minors more effectively.

I don’t see any reason children-protection can be used as an argument against this being added to our classification system.

More on it here via the Age:

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