Deus Ex: Human Revolution Camera/Turret Terminal Wallpapers

I asked on facebook about getting proper versions of these but they haven’t responded, so here’s some I cropped from screenshots. Hopefully they’ll release real ones, but these actually don’t look too bad even set on “stretch to fit”!

*NOTE* Not licensed, just fan-made.

UPDATE: The versions I have are just made from screenshots and thus will work as simple jpeg’s on even the tinyiest netbook/tablet, however if you’re looking for something really impressive and serious, check out this post:

Camera Terminal (right click -> save as)

Email Terminal (right click -> save as)

Micro Project: Warcraft FAQs

Today I’ve taken a break from being so busy and ended up playing a bit of World of Warcraft again. I ended up sitting in the middle of the capital city and watching the chat going on between other players. I noticed that there’s a lot of players with little questions that are just common knowledge, and may not be too easy to find answers for on sites like wowhead. So I closed WoW and made a stack-overflow / yahoo answers style site:

By the way, it’s using the “Q&A” Premium plugin available here. I’ll probably be using it again, it was pretty easy to use.

Comp Stomp as a genre?

I finished the single player for the new C&C3 Expansion ‘Kanes Wrath’ the other day, and I still play skirmishes every now and then. I started thinking about WHY I still play it, and I have a few points I think are valid. It kind of lends weight to my arguement for hack’n’slash as a genre, even if C&C wouldn’t fit under that name. I don’t know what to revise it’s name to though, possibly something like “Comp Stomp”. Continue reading