Trying some new themes

I’m busy with my business at the moment, but I thought it was about time I spruced up the site.

New wordpress makes it so easy… I think it took 10 minutes for me to find a theme and install it, didn’t even have to touch any files directly or do anything via ftp!

Offline Task Management Sheets

I’ve made my task sheet designs available for download today, as A4 and Letter PDF files. A few people have commented on how much they like the layout, so you might like them. I’ve been tweaking these for years and they fit my usual work style perfectly. They’re most useful for people who prefer physically checking a box and being able to keep a relatively clean log of their work in a binder or folder (hence the bigger left margin).

There’s two versions available below, the first is the one I use the most – it’s a sheet-a-week style task list with a ‘major goal’ up the top and daily tasks on the side. This one’s the best for people who get a fairly large amount of 20 – 90 minute tasks and need to have them listed somewhere safe. It will work the best if you print out a few, and fill one out each monday morning (transferring anything you didnt get to over from the last one) and then keeping the old one in the back of your folder.

The second one is similar, but has less emphasis on a time frame. Basically you can fill it up, then when it’s full, replace it.

You’ll need a PDF viewer to view them, but who doesn’t have that these days?

Kythin’s Task List version 1 – Week Based (PDF)

Kythin’s Task List version 2 – Whenever Based (PDF) back online

Moved servers. Big mess. Lost everything. Nuts.

I’ve got the site back online but anyone who cared enough to register and comment will need to re-register. Stay tuned for some interesting articles, I’m going to be putting more time into this blog than I used to!